The SMedia team consists of professionals with immense experience, but also consultants who can provide services within the domain of healthcare, marketing, clinical management development, etc. Our people are our foundation and they are the ones who enable customers to improve the quality of their services. We can be commended with cooperation and work with a wide range of experts, as well as professionally interested clients who we help achieve outstanding results.

Before we begin working, we primarily pose questions and approach the problem from multiple sides, drawing detailed and rigorous analysis of each of our business experiences. Our experience is at the same time our greatest treasure. Every business plan and every individual experience we face has been primarily recognized and analyzed by our experts who know how to think and solve problems, while also giving creative responses that encourage our clients to succeed.

We specialize in digital solutions in education, multi-channel communication and business consulting for the health industry. We have developed a methodology and solutions that enable the efficient and rapid transition of standard business models of pharmaceutical companies to efficient business models enhanced by digital business practices. We offer solutions for the digital healthcare transformation; together with you we create concepts and campaigns as part of an integral digital campaign.

Seminars, workshops, lectures, and training courses are designed and continually improved according to the needs and requirements of our clients.

SMedia offers a wide range of consultancy services through the use of a modern business consulting methodology and business process management of our clients in the field of public procurement and medical consulting.

The consulting services we provide to our clients are based on contemporary trends and good practices, as well as on the previous experiences that the SMedia team possesses.

Medical Consulting - The SMedia Consultancy Team is made up of experienced experts from local healthcare institutions and healthcare organizations that deal with these issues. In our consultancy team there are leaders who gained their knowledge and experience in the parent organizations and companies in which they used to work or still work.

We are at your disposal for a complete and competent organization, from the earliest planning and consulting phase to the very last day of the event itself. It includes all of the most important elements such as choosing the right venue, transfers, accompanying programs, hosting the participants, creating the optimum schedule and framework program, communicating with the participants, coordinating and creating information about your gathering, distributing informative materials, printing materials: first announcement, posters, pre-programs, calls, final program, summary books, application forms, ID cards, various other printed materials.

We accept no limitations for and together we create a program that will surely meet all of your expectations.

Regardless of what you do and how good you are in that, if you do not have a well designed visual identity, you will hardly stand out from the competition. The quality of visual identity will enhance your presence on the market. We will make you recognizable, impressive and unique. With the Visual Identity service, you get a Book of Standards that include visual identity elements such as rules under which a logo is created (forms, ratios, colors, typography, variations, and the like) as well as primary (business cards, flyers, envelopes, folders, etc.) and secondary (posters, brochures, visual ...) means of communication.

ALL TYPES OF PRINTING - digital, offset, screen printing, as well as banner printing, roll ups, promo bolts, etc.

PUBLISHING - books, magazines, brochures – we offer complete service, from design, preparation, publishing, printing.

„Welcome to My Country“- is SMedia project that aims to promote Bosnia and Herzegovina, its cities, natural beauties, traditions, cultural and historical heritage. SMedia d.o.o. is the publisher and copyright owner of the book "Bosnia and Herzegovina - Welcome to My Country". It is written in Bosnian and English. This book can become a "business card" of your company. If you would like to give an interesting and creative gift to your business partners or customers to express gratitude for good cooperation and another successful year, we will turn this book into your personalized product by adding your company logo or personalized message to your cover page. This unique gift may be a token of appreciation for the efforts your partner has put in collaborative work and partnership, it can strengthen your business relationship, and promote your company, products and services.